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Your needs can be served through our skills and experience long after the roof has been installed by us or by other roof repair contractors.

Extensive roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your roof. We have highly trained roof technicians that are well versed in all low slope as well as steep slope roofing repairs. Once our highly trained technicians have performed a roof inspection they are well versed to repair all low slope as well as steep slope roofs. The repair process may be necessary for existing roofing where new modifications are made, or damages that have occurred through violent weather. These repairs could also be needed from new additions, like new HVAC units, plumbing pipes, skylights, satellite dishes, masonry work, solar panels, decking overlays, antennas, surveillance cameras, etc. Learn more.

We Deliver Business & Institutional Roofing Expertise for Southern California

Tomco Roofing's services allow you have all of your roofing needs completed on-time and within budget. Ask us how we do it.

Roof Repair Contractors

Roof Repair Contractor

Extensive roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your roof. We have highly trained roof technicians well versed in all low slope as well as steep slope roofing repairs to repair all low slope as well as steep slope roofs. Read more.

Roof Inspection Company

Roof Inspection Company

We are a roof inspection company that goes far beyond those committments by assigning you a friendly, knowledgeable account representative whose no-hidden cost proposal will be marked by accuracy, clarity and integrity. Read more.

Roof Maintenance Program

Maintain Your Roof

Tomco Roofing's commercial roof maintenance programs protect your investment and your business by identifying the obvious and hidden dangers that threaten your roofing system's performance and integrity. Read more.

Roof Restoration Service

Roof Restoration Service

We specialize in commercial roof restoration, which includes the major roof repair or resurfacing of the current roof system that you have to restore it to a serviceable condition. Read more.

Single Ply TPO

Single Ply TPO

Thermoplastic roofing is a long lasting system that will decrease the need for costly roof repairs down the line. Tomco Roofing's single-ply TPO installations are available for your commercial, industrial, institutional or retail locations. Read more.

Single Ply PVC

Single Ply PVC

PVC Roofing Systems were originally produced over 30 years ago in Germany. Tomco Roofing's PVC installed systems are among the most versatile thermoplastics for commercial, industrial, and residential applications available. Read more.

Built-Up Roofing Services.

Built up Roofing

At Tomco Roofing, we believe that there is a proper roofing system for each individual building. Our philosophy is to install the best possible roof in every situation. In selecting a right system for a building, we consider... Read more.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roof systems are typically assembled with one, two or three plies. “Modified” refers to the addition of plastic or rubber-based polymeric binders to asphalt or “bitumen” improving performance & durability. Read more.

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Tom Hargis - Tomco Roofing
Tom Hargis

Facilities & TI Consultant

Over 30 years experience in commercial tenant improvement and facility maintenance services for aerospace, industrial, retail institutions and restaurants. Tom joined our team in 2015 to create sales opportunities and project manage Title 24 roofing projects and maintenance services.

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Kevin B.

Irvine, CA

Thanks to Tomco Roofing , we're able to count on a trusted partner on commercial jobs, industrial or retail roofing jobs and receive the top quality roofing services we need. We've tried others, but Tomco Roofing is our go-to roofing contractor in southern California!

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Tomco Roofing's quality-driven services focus on each of our clients individual needs in order to deliver complete roof system solutions - every customer, every time we're called. We specialize in commercial roof repair, inpection, mainainence, restoration as well as installation. We can save significant capital expense for your company. You can count on our expertise in roofing gained through 30 years to provide you with exceptional focused solutions. Learn more...