Single Ply PVC

PVC Roofing Systems were originally produced over 30 years ago in Germany. PVC Roofing Systems are among the most versatile thermoplastics for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The PVC product is a reinforced membrane with tough solvent or hot-air welded seams. This material has excellent durability and dimensional stability.

PVC Roofing sheets are blended with plasticizers, which account for its flexibility. The plasticizers allow the membrane to be used over a wide range of temperatures and is unaffected by ozone. PVC membranes are manufactured to many specifications to achieve flame retarding, algae growth, and resistance to Ultra-Violet light. PVC is an excellent restaurant and food industry roof. PVCs are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, highly reflective, and are tear resistant

PVC Roofing Systems can be applied by three different methods: fully adhered, loose laid/ballasted or mechanically attached. Each application has a design engineered to match the building structure, or the economy of installation. The seams are then heat welded together to form a high performance waterproof roofing system. The seams are equal or stronger than that of the membrane itself.

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